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Sorensen Design LLC

Sorensen Design International LLC

Our Mission

Sorensen Design is an a engineering firm focused on design, consulting, development and small-run manufacturing. 

Our mission is simple.  

We develop well-made, durable, and reliable products that are built to last. 

About Us


Design Engineering

We assist creators and entrepreneurs in the development of various inventions and projects.
We’ve worked with clients to create 
vehicles, health and wellness equipment, satellites , furniture, camera equipment, and much more.
​Our mission is to help you create a working, affordable and safe product.  



Affordable consulting is available for those who need help developing products on their own. Material recommendations, development and cost effective production are all necessary for a successful project and we will do everything we can to help.​  


Prototype Manufacturing

Turning your ideas into real, functional, tangible products is a hard job, but we are up to the task. We work with you to develop a working prototype that you can bring to investors and shareholders.